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Colourful Coatings in Carlisle

Colourful Coatings in Carlisle

Epoxy resin specialists, Conren Limited, have once again been called upon to complete a renovation project for David Hayton Ltd, Carlisle, the leading Peugeot Dealer for the North West

Five years ago, an area of approximately 845m2 was mechanically prepared and a rapid cure screed was pumped to provide a new level and sound substrate.  Once cured this was then coated with two coats of Conren Dustguard heavy duty epoxy resin.  

After 5 years of heavy commercial use, the floor was once again ready for a freshen up in order to improve the aesthetics of the floor.  David Haytons were so impressed with the performance of the Dustguard coating; they once again opted for this durable system.  Joints within the concrete floor were filled with Flexijoint to protect them from damage and prevent dirt and debris gathering.  The floor was then completed with demarcation lines to the MOT Bay and walkways to delineate safe pedestrian access.

Conren Ltd have been manufacturing and installing an extensive range of high performance epoxy and polyurethane coatings, screeds and anti-slip systems for 44 years. 

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