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Congrip Transforms Gorse Stacks Car Park in Chester

Congrip Transforms Gorse Stacks Car Park in Chester

Congrip Transforms Gorse Stacks Car Park in ChesterConren’s high performance Congrip system has been used in a major mixed use design and build development project in the centre of Chester.

The project that has been constructed by Watkin Jones Group, essentially comprises a 3 level underground car park, a ground floor podium and piazza area with three above ground blocks comprising a Primary Care Centre, office block and separate apartments.

Congrip is an epoxy resin, high build internal car park deck coating, which was installed to basement car park levels – 2 and – 3, totaling an area of 10,300m2.  Chemicals, oil and dirt from vehicles can lead to corrosion and cracking of the surface and potential structural failure.  The system not only meets the requirements in terms of being a hardwearing anti-slip finish.  It ensures protection to the concrete substrate, helping eliminate these potential issues, but also provides a safe, bright and colourful environment.

The tamped concrete finish of Level – 1 of the basement carpark was sealed using Conren’s Lapidolith.  The Lapidolith is a colourless solution of chemically active hardening agents of the fluosilicate family.  Containing sophisticated wetting agents, penetration into the cementitious matrix is more effective than conventional hardeners.  This results in a hardening and dustproofing in depth and improves the wear and chemical resistance of concrete substrates whilst enhancing resistance to weathering, acid and salt attack.

Demarcation lines, 361 parking bays, directional arrows and signage was completed to all three levels using Conren’s high build epoxy resin   Line Paint, with rumble strips being installed to the splitter areas of ramps using Conren’s FS Screed high strength epoxy mortar.

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