Playon - Resiliant Surfacing for Safe Play

Playon - Resiliant Surfacing for Safe Play

A safe play surface provides much more than just a soft landing for the children using it. It provides peace of mind for parents and child minders; it safeguards the owners or operators against the risk of bad publicity and subsequent loss of business; and it may even protect against compensation payouts as a result of litigation. In short, if you operate any form of outdoor play facility, Conren Playon is an absolute must.


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Conren Playon

A resilient, soft, non-grazing and non-slip flooring surface designed for children’s play areas. The flooring can be laid to any design and together with the range of bright colours available, imaginative themed play areas for children can be produced. Playon is also designed for other applications, including corridors, paths, access ramps or circulation areas where adult safety or sound reduction is a prime consideration.

Critical Fall Heights

150mm thick Playon for 3.5m CFH
120mm thick Playon for 3.0m CFH
90mm thick Playon for 2.5m CFH
70mm thick Playon for 2.0m CFH
50mm thick Playon for 1.5m CFH
40mm thick Playon for 1.25m CFH
20mm thick Playon may also be used for trip hazard situations.

Conren will carry out site surveys and offer technical advice on the use and performance of all Conren products.

Consult Conren Ltd technical literature for details. Conren Ltd can also provide a design and specification service and it is recommended that they are consulted early in the design process.

Sub-base: Conren Playon is suitable for laying on tarmac and no fines concrete for thickness up to 70mm, and for laying on MOT Type 1 well-compacted bases for thicknesses of 70mm and over. Consult Conren Ltd design and specification services for recommendations.

Base: Wet pour, in situ laid resin bound rubber crumb surface to BS 7188

Surface course: Wet pour, in situ laid resin bound rubber crumb surface to BS 7188.

Manufacturer: Conren Limited, Unit 1, The Bridge Business Centre, Ash Road South, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham LL13 9UG. Tel: 01978 661 991 Fax:01978 664 664.

Product reference: Playon Resilient Safety Surfacing

Colour: Purple / Bright Yellow / Organic Red / Grey / Pale Green / Brown / Cream / Bright Blue / Natural Green / Sky Blue / Terracotta

Thickness: 20mm / 40mm / 50mm / 70mm / 90mm / 120mm / 150mm

Critical fall height when tested to BS EN 1177:

3.5m (for 150mm thickness) / 3.0m (for 120mm thickness) / 2.5m (for 90mm thickness) / 2.0m (for 70mm thickness) / 1.5m (for 50mm thickness) / 1.25m (for 40mm thickness)

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