Conren Complete Airport Application


Conren Complete Airport Application

Epoxy resin specialists, Conren Limited, have completed the resin flooring installation for London Oxford Airport, Oxford.

As part of a refurbishment project, the client required a durable, easily maintained resin floor finish as part of the refurbishment project to hangar 8.

London Oxford Airport is the Thames Valley area’s primary regional and business aviation airport – the only commercial airport between London Heathrow and Birmingham.  Located in the heart of one of Europe’s fastest growing and most prosperous regions, Oxford lies 40 miles to the north-west of the Greater London area, halfway to the UK’s industrial heartland of the Midlands. The airport has been the fastest growing for private and business aviation in the UK since 2007.

As part of the refurbishment programme the existing joint compound had been chemically damaged and was leaching from the joint.  To rectify this, an area of 50mm either side of the joint was broken out and then infilled using Conren’s FS Screed.  With its high compressive strength of 80N/mm2 FS Screed is ideal for this type of isolated repair and joint re-building.  The joint was then re-cut and infilled using Conren’s Flexijoint loadbearing jointing compound.

As well as the joint repair, an area of 1500m2 was mechanically prepared, this was followed` by two coats of Conren’s WD Aquatect water vapour suppressant primer and two finishing coats of Conren’s Enamelcoat high build durable epoxy resin floor coating.  The floor was then completed with demarcation lines to walkways to delineate safe pedestrian access.

Conren Ltd have been manufacturing and installing an extensive range of high performance epoxy and polyurethane coatings, screeds and anti-slip systems for 47 years. 

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