Will’s Adventures Around South East Asia

Will’s Adventures Around South East Asia

Conren’s Export Sales Advisor, Will Morris, flew out from Manchester airport on April 28th 2018 to visit several countries in South East Asia, along with spending many an hour in hot and humid airports!

His itinerary took him on 9 different flights to 7 different countries, all in 14 days… and he has since described the experience as “never again!”

The main purpose of the trip was to meet up with Conren’s existing business partner in the Philippines, Concrete Solution Builders & Supply, who are based in Manila and who have been trading with Conren for nearly 20 years.

Concrete Solution Builders & Supply is owned by Joey Zialcita, and even though Will’s day of arrival was a national holiday in the Philippines, all of Joey’s staff turned up at work to attend a training session provided by Will.

This shows the commitment and loyalty that all staff members of Concrete Solution have, and explains why the company is going from strength to strength throughout Manila and now in their expanded new premises in Cebu.

Will stayed in Manila for three enjoyable and rewarding days, and plans to return later this year to provide further support to Joey and his team.
Following on from Manila, Will’s next destination was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he attended 8 business appointments over two days, so there was certainly no time to waste.

Then onto Bangkok for four days, which included an Architects Exhibition for the first two days followed by 10 business meetings over the remaining two days, this was certainly a demanding schedule!

The last leg of Will’s journey took him onto Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, which was incredibly successful and generated sample requests from 80% of the companies visited.

Following on from these appointments in Vietnam, one of the companies Will met will be coming to the UK and visiting Conren’s production facility in July, so they can further learn about the benefits of Rooftex Waterproofing and receive on-site training of its application, before starting to order containers of Rooftex for distribution within Vietnam.

Will hopes to return to Vietnam later this year, with an aim of visiting expanded areas of the country and to create a network of distributors providing full coverage of the Rooftex system.

(Photo above shows Will with the team from Concrete Solution Builders & Supply)

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